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Developer Notes

What is Fleet Wars?

Fleet Wars is a multiplayer turn based strategy game. Fleet Wars brings an exciting new twist to the Sci Fi strategy genre by focusing on ship design and fleet formations.

You will take arms against other Empires in an attempt to dethrone them from their #1 position. Steal their Planets, destroy their military bases, do whatever it takes to become the greatest power in the universe.

Built with all browser platforms in mind, you can play Fleet Wars at home or on the go.

Optimised for


V1.3 Patch

What's coming in the next patch?

The Fleet Wars team is hard at work to bring you new and exciting content to enrich your Fleet Wars experience. We have many new features planned for the next patch which will arrive in the coming weeks.

Here is a teaser of some of the upcoming features:


This is a new unlockable technology that will help you make the most of your Planets! Terraform Planets that lack in resources to unlock their hidden potential.


For a cost, you will be able to enact different programmes such as the Education Programme which can help your population get better jobs, thereby increasing your overall Credit Income.

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